Ready to pay higher electric rates?

Commercial and industrial companies in California are required to switch to new electric rates that are much higher during peak demand.
Our patented Energy Management System can help you reduce the impact of higher rates by allowing you to monitor and control your building energy use.

Monitor and Control

During periods of peak demand, our system automatically reduces your electric usage by safely shutting down unnecessary loads and by power-cycling equipment based on a pre-arranged reduction plan.
There are several ways to participate in load reduction without negatively impacting your business operation.

Latest Success

For the Sebastopol Community Center, we monitor and control three heat pumps, two 6kW solar panels, four temperature and light sensors, and two remotely programmable thermostats.

Sebastopol Community Center




Cleant Tech Open 2009 semi-finalist

LimeAmps was a semi-finalist in the 2009 Clean Tech Open competition


"It is hard for teachers and office workers to associate their daily tasks with energy reductions when the monthly electric bill is so far removed from their daily activity. Your solution provides a direct feedback loop where they can turn off some piece of equipment and see an immediate reduction."
 - Tim McCarty, Eureka Union School District Superintendent.